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Taking time to exercise is NOT selfish!

Would you love to do some exercise

but feel selfish trying to find the time?

no time for anything?

trying to find time

Well, just like the airline safety videos say in the oxygen mask video, Help yourself first.

The reason they say that is because you can’t help anyone else (child, spouse, parent, friend, etc) if you collapse from lack of oxygen. Exercise is exactly the same, you need to set yourself first for a while to get the time for exercise. And if you find it difficult to get the time for exercise because of all the other things you have to do, then think about how those others will manage, or not manage if you become ill from lack of exercise! You NEED to put your exercise needs into your regular routine. If you ….. read more here


  1. I’ve decided to try to fit 10 minutes of ‘proper’ exercise into my day on top of my regular walk to the shop. Hopefully I can build up to 30 minutes eventually. I was going to sell my crosstrainer but just decided I could use it easily for just 10 minutes a day.

    1. I agree with some of your points, mlosty for creating a more bike-friendly environment.But, let’s face it: just because somebody has a gym membership doesn’t guarantee that person exercises, so why should that person be tax-exempted?! What about people who are ALREADY fit and healthy – shouldn’t they get some sort of monetary reward with that rationale? I really think that some things such as your own weight, fitness level and nutrition should be an individual’s responsibility, not a federal action. I agree that government could make things more accessible, but bottom line is: it’s up to the individual and his/her choices. If individuals took more responsibility about their own health, I believe this would be a less-fat and happier society.:)Thank you for the opportunity to respond.Best,Toronto reader

    2. THE AMOUNT OF EXERCISE depends on your fientss level ..just do what you can .do not exeed 30-45 minutes a day 4-5 days a week ..also if you are not seeing results it’s because you are not in a good diet ..make sure you;avoid oily foodsavoid sugardrink plenty of waterreplace high fat foods with veggies and fruits

  2. Even 10 minutes a day is a good start, in fact, it’s a GREAT start. You can even plug it into your calendar or set an alarm on your mobile phone, just to remind you that you only need to take 10 minutes. 🙂

    1. Great ideas- I just started woikrng out again- 30- 45 min while helping kids get ready for school usually yoga or bellydance, then at least 3 days a week I walk 3 miles with a friend (this is a huge chunk but we also vent so I consider it therapy) One thing I want to add- in the evening doing 10 min Dance Quickies- it’s a DVD and great- I’m actually panting by the end! The hip-hop teacher fills her ten min workout with a quick warm-up- and huge amount of squats in 4 different positions for awesome thighs- and few minutes of crunches and then a short cool down- I normally stretch longer. If I do this before dinner- I’ll eat less.

  3. I need to improve my training times too.

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