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Community Service Ideas for Volunteers of All Ages

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Volunteering is something nearly anyone can do, and in many cases, from anywhere in the world. But finding the right opportunity isn’t always easy, especially when there are so many wonderful organizations in need of volunteers.

To help families make a difference both locally and globally, Motivation Thoughts shares a few community service ideas in the sections below. Whether you’re looking to help online or in person, you’ll find everything you need within this short but helpful guide.

Look for Family-Friendly Volunteer Opportunities

There are so many things families can do to make their communities better places to live. Here are just a few volunteer opportunities for households to consider.


  • Help out a local organization like Habitat for Humanity, Furry Hugs Inc., the Brenner Children’s Hospital, or American Red Cross.
  • Reach out to your local church. Many churches need help sharing the gospel, helping refugees, and serving the community.
  • Food insecurity affects more than 40 million Americans, but your family can help to fight hunger by starting a community garden, donating to food banks, and organizing fundraisers for local hunger-relief groups.
  • Volunteer online to help local and global causes. StoriiTime, Adopt a Nursing Home, and Bookshare are just a few organizations in need of virtual volunteers.

Donate Items to Charity

Whether you have unwanted items to dispose of or you’re looking to put your artistic abilities to good use, your donations can help to support charitable organizations and their missions.

  • Have unwanted craft supplies, CDs, books, candles, greeting cards, and stationery? Donate them to sites like Reconsidered Goods.
  • Assemble and donate care packages to military members.
  • Schedule a free donation pickup to dispose of everything from furniture and clothing to mattresses and used vehicles.
  • Donate handmade goods to charitable organizations such as Days for Girls, Quilts of Valor, and Project Linus.

Launch Your Own Charitable Organization

Want to take your volunteerism several steps further? Launch your own nonprofit organization!

  • Learn how to start a 501(c)(3) charity. Several types of 501(c)(3) charities include religious organizations, animal rescues, museums, zoos, and private foundations.
  • Boost your business and leadership skills by enrolling in an online degree program.
  • Recruit the best volunteers to help you achieve your nonprofit’s mission.
  • Raising money for a global need? Whether you’re sending money to Nepal, India, Mexico or anywhere else, ensure the funds you raise are directly sent to support your cause by using remittance services that offer secure transfers.

While helping your community benefits those who live and work in the area, it also strengthens families, teaches kids responsibility, and increases happiness and self-confidence. Plus, there are many volunteer opportunities for families of all ages — even if you can only commit an hour or two each week. Each and every act of volunteerism makes a difference!



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