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Why new grannies should (almost) NEVER nurse the baby:10 tips to do instead.

baby yawning

baby yawnin

These tips will help you to help the new parent(s) and you can also use them if you are helping out a neighbour or a friend or are even doing voluntary work helping new single parents. It’s most likely that you are a Granny helping your precious daughter or daughter in law with your new grandchild, so I am going to refer to the new parent as PD (precious daughter / daughter in law) and the new baby as PG (precious grandchild). You can read the top 10 tips on when NOT to nurse the baby here


  1. Great advice. I know I really appreciate the help I get!

    1. Hi Alex. Love it that you’re tackling this. I reemmber watching the C4 documentary called Extreme Breastfeeeding’ and being completely bewildered by other people’s negative responses to the idea of longer-term breastfeeding and milk-sharing. So irritating that we live in a world where it’s fine to gawp at tits in national newspaper but not so fine to use them for their primary function. Many of the women in my family were wet nurses but i thought the practice had more or less died out. My only question about milk-sharing would be whether milk from another woman would adapt nutritionally to your baby’s growing needs. I understand that the milk you produce for a 5 month old is not the same as the milk you produce for a newborn? To clarify!, if a wet nurse was providing milk for a newborn and a 5 month old, wouldn’t the newborn be getting milk that was too rich etc, or vice versa. Complicated!! Good luck. PS My blog is very different from yours but feel free to check it out anyway xflossing the cat recently posted..

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