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Exactly how You Can Offer Your Memory A Boost

mind map

mind map

When you picture things you may help your mind recall points and improve your memory’s capacity. For example, seeing information instead of hearing it may help you remember it at a later date.  Of course, for people who are auditory learners, the exact opposite is true – they remember sounds and the spoken word better than pictures. For visual learners, images and charts can help them remember information and study is greatly improved by using  mind maps and other mapping and graphic techniques.

Use this knowledge to improve your memory. If you are studying, take a short break, no more than 15 minutes each hour and rest your mind to improve your learning.

Keep learning even as you get older. Also keep exercising. Both these help to produce new cells and new pathways in your brain to keep it active and keep dementia at bay.  People who do puzzles and play memory games  or even video games appear to be less likely to suffer from dementia. Mental workouts resemble muscular workouts. You can enhance your memory skills and focus by exercising your brain. Great memory games are crossword puzzles, mind teasers or puzzles, and also word searches.

One of the  best ways to improve your memory is to get enough sleep. Rest is important for both short and long-term memory and if your mind is not operating at 100 %, your memory will certainly suffer. Boost your brain power and memory by getting your eight hours of rest every night.

One tip for remembering something, is to link it with something amusing, such as a funny song, expression, or psychological image. Amusing phrases, tracks, and so on have a means of remaining in your mind even when you are trying to forget them! Make use of that.

Realising that your memory is failing can be very worrying.  There is medication available but getting plenty of exercise, eating healthily and keeping your mind active can all put off that moment when you (or your carer) find you need to take medication.

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