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Housework Fun?


Houseworks (Photo credit: the Italian voice)

Housework or room work, depending on whether you have you own home or just use one room is often considered a necessary (or unnecessary) evil, designed to keep you from having fun! Funnily enough, if you do it bit-by-bit, it can actually HELP you have fun, improve your creativity (who knew?) and improve your health, both by reducing stress levels and by helping you keep fit through moving.

Getting Out in the Morning

Finding it difficult to just get up and get out each day? You just need to remember 4 things:

  • Get up
  • Get dressed
  • Get fed
  • Get out (or get on)

Getting up, is basically that – get yourself up out of bed. Yes, I know it might be cold or raining, or not the kind of weather you like, or you may be tired. Napoleon Hill had a good tip for getting out of bed when you have acquired the habit of hitting the “snooze” button over and over.  He set his alarm clock and when it went off, he said to himself, “I’m getting up NOW!” For the first number of times, he used the word “Now” ONLY when he was getting out of bed right then. Eventually he ingrained the habit of getting up on the word “NOW” so well that as soon as said it to himself, it worked – he got up straight away. I tried that tip many, many, years ago and got it to work for me very well. If you have difficulty getting up in the mornings – persevere with this tip and you will be able to get up easily too. Another site that you might like to check out is

Get dressed, again, is simply – get your clothes on (and get washed). If you find yourself racing round every morning looking for something to wear, then start the previous evening, by setting out the next day’s clothes or hanging them all together in your wardrobe. Why do it the night before? Well, at least you will know then whether you have something suitable to wear and it gives you time to prepare something, if not. This alone can reduce stress! When I was in work (I’m now retired) I used to set my work suits out in order in my wardrobe on a Sunday evening. I had 5 outfits for work and I varied them with different tops. Each evening, when I came home, I took off my work clothes and put on my freedom clothes. The work clothes were hung up straight away in the wardrobe but at the other end, so they didn’t get worn again the next day. I just lifted underwear out of my underwear drawer and set it on top of the dresser, then I didn’t have to search for anything the next day – it was all there.

Shoe polish with a shoe brush.

Shoe polish with a shoe brush. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TIP, keep a shoe polish sponge, one of the “instant” ones, where you take your “work” shoes off and use it on them straight away., before setting them down for the night. Your shoes will always be ready and the polish works better on a warm shoe. (Let them dry first, though if they have been out in the rain or mud.)

Get fed – this is important. Get some decent fuel into your body to get it started out right for the day ahead. Scrambled or poached or boiled eggs are quick and easy. Whole grain cereal or wholemeal bread are also good choices. If you know you never have time to eat in the morning, then why not prepare something you can take with you? A banana or hard boiled eggs are easy, useful options to grab and go.

Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get out – well, you’re ready, so get going! If you have to take a bag or papers or a computer with you – set them out the previous evening and put them in a spot near where you will pass on your way out the door. You may need some other things with you too, keys, glasses, wallet – those are the main things. Check them the previous evening and have them all in one place ready to go. Get on – that’s for people who work at home and don’t need to go out to get to work. You’re ready to get started, so get stuck straight in, whatever it is you need to do, housework, study, child minding, your home-office work – the sooner you get stuck in, the sooner you will be done, ready for fun!


5 reasons why Granny SHOULD nurse the baby

As it’s most likely you are the granny, helping your offspring out I will use PD to stand for Precious Daughter / Daughter-in-law and PG to stand for Precious Grandchild. But if you are not the granny, don’t let that stand in the way of being able to help a new mother!

Nursing the baby to sleep
Nursing the baby to sleep

1. If PD is nursing PG herself, PG will associate the smell of PD with being fed and may want to nurse almost continuously. This can be exhausting or maybe even painful for PD.  Holding the baby while PD has a chance to get dressed, have a bath or move around the house will help her to recover better and will encourage PG to go to sleep for a while.

2. PD may be a little unsure with a new baby, especially if PG is her first child. She may be happy to have some uncritical help with bathing or changing the baby. A spare pair of hands seldom comes amiss, provided you support PD in what she is doing and don’t criticise. Things may have changed since you last held a baby, so help PD follow what the midwife or health visitor has suggested, if she wants, rather than criticising “new-fangled ideas”!

3. PD will need to keep drinking fluids, including water and maybe warm drinks. It may be helpful to hold the baby if PD is getting herself a hot drink, so she can drink it while it’s hot without risking the baby getting hurt.

4. PD may need to get more rest and PG may need to be held. Letting PD get some sleep or a bit of time away from PG if necessary can save her sanity and help her return to full health that much quicker. Daddies or partners can be very helpful here in holding their own precious child while mum gets rest.

5. PG may be a bit colicky and need held upright to help get wind up. PD may be glad to take turns at burping PG, especially if it has been a “bad night”! This also relates to tip number 1. PG may be trying to feed continuously from PD, without giving themselves a chance for a rest between feeds. Being held by someone else can encourage PG to take a rest from feeding, maybe get some sleep and help that colic settle down.

10 Tips for when Granny should NOT nurse the Baby

These top tips will help you to help the new parent(s) and you can also use them if you are helping out a neighbour or a friend or are even doing voluntary work helping new single parents. It’s most likely that you are a Granny helping your precious daughter or daughter in law with your new grandchild, so I am going to refer to the new parent as PD (precious daughter / daughter in law) and the new baby as PG (precious grandchild).

baby yawning
baby yawning
  1. No matter the state of the house, do not criticise anything. You are there to help, not point out mistakes or shortcomings. Keep your lips buttoned, unless you are praising something.
  2. You are there to support PD. You are NOT there to look after PG. Unless your health or your disability totally prevents you from physically helping with the housework or PD is ill – let PD look after the baby. They need to bond and right now is the best time. Nursing PG in order to let PD “get on with the housework” is SELFISH. PD needs rest, to feed and change the baby and to bond with PG. You will have plenty of time in the future to get to know your new grandchild and you may be needed to nurse the baby for a short while anyway, while PD uses the loo or gets dressed.
  3. When you first go into the house, check whether PD needs water or a cup of tea or coffee and something to eat. The first priority is to make sure PD is healthy and nourished.
  4. The next most important task is to check whether something is available for the day’s main meal. It may need to come out of the freezer or it may need to be made. It may even need a phone call or a trip to the shop to get food in.
  5. You can vacuum if you are short of something to do!The next most important task is the laundry. There is always laundry! Get a wash started in the machine. If you are there long enough, you may be able to get it into the dryer or out on the line or hung on airers before you leave. If you hang it out on the line, you will need to bring it in BEFORE you leave that day, because PD will either forget or not have time. If there is dry laundry hanging around, fold it and put it away. It is best not to take laundry to your own house, unless it is an emergency.
  6. Now you can get any dishes done, either in the sink or load the dishwasher. You may need to put dishes away or empty the dishwasher before you can wash more.
  7. Check whether the bed has been made and if not, make it.
  8. Check whether the bathroom needs cleaned. The main things are the sink and toilet and checking that there is enough loo roll / toilet paper.
  9. Empty any waste bins / trash cans.
  10. If you have any time and energy left, vacuum the stairs and landing and living room, or for the kitchen or hard floors, sweep and mop. You don’t have to do all of this every time you go. If this type of work is exhausting for you, or you have limited time, choose one area for each visit and do that. Choose a different area the next visit.
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Your old kitchen looking new!

renewing your kitchen

getting your kitchen to look like new

Are you ashamed of a mucky, messy, filthy kitchen, maybe even looking like a hazardous area? It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend money and time on ripping it all out and starting again. After all, if you keep to the same habits, it won’t be long before your new kitchen will look just like the old one. Add a few small new habits on a regular basis to your day and you might find your old kitchen looks like new.

If you have a dishwasher – empty any clean dishes out of it and put them away. This should take no longer than 5 minutes. Now, if there are any dirty dishes lying around, stack them in the dishwasher and start it going. Again, this should take no longer than 5 minutes. Just by itself, putting away the clean dishes and stacking dirty ones in the dishwasher will help make your kitchen look cleaner and tidier. And it will do a lot for the hygiene too.

get the dishes done

Water dripping in the sink

If you don’t have a dishwasher, then wash your dirty dishes and RINSE them under the cold tap and leave them to dry for a few minutes. By rinsing them, it removes any suds left on them and therefore any grease that was in the suds and so it cuts out having to use a towel to dry them. While they are drying, run a fresh bowl of hot sudsy water and put the next lot of dishes in to soak. If you still have more dirty dishes, stack them neatly beside the sink. Put away the clean dishes, then wash the next lot and rinse those and leave to dry. Keep moving those clean dishes into the cupboards, putting the next lot of dirty dishes in to soak and stacking the next lot of dirty dishes beside the sink. This clears your table and working surfaces quickly and helps make the kitchen look cleaner and tidier. Depending on how many dishes are lying around, it might take 15 – 30 minutes to do this the first time but if you make this a regular habit, the dishes will get clean and tidied away in a very short time.


Once your table is clear of dirty dishes, see if you can clear it of anything else. Can you put condiments (salt, pepper, etc) away? Is there any milk left out, or anything else that needs to go back in your fridge? Have you table mats out that could be wiped and stacked? Are there any old magazines or newspapers that could be dumped or recycled?

Once the dirty dishes are off your counters, give your counters a wipe to remove any crumbs.


Once all your dishes are washed and either put away or draining after being rinsed, wipe out your sink. You may want to clean it a couple of times a week, but clear and rinsed is a great start. If any food particles have got stuck in the outlet, clear those. It only takes a few seconds and it helps the water drain away faster.

Put your dish towels tea towels, etc in the wash and put out fresh ones.

A clean kitchen can be easy to achieve with a few quick regular habits that become like second nature once you have practised them for a few days. Look at your kitchen with fresh eyes. It may not be a new kitchen you need but a few new small habits that will make your kitchen look like new and keep your family healthy.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Would you let your next door neighbour in your bathroom? Would you panic if you had to call in the plumber? If you would like a clean fresh bathroom in only 5 minutes a day, then work out a routine for doing a different small area each day. There are some parts that need done EVERY day – the wash hand basin and the toilet. The bath or shower should be done after you use it. A quick spray with a bathroom cleaner and rinse down takes only a minute and leaves these fresh and clean. The rest of the bathroom can be divided up to do a small part each day, maybe under the sink one day, one set of tiles another day. The whole routine should take less than 5 minutes each day.


Would you love to do some exercise

but feel selfish trying to find the time?

no time for anything?

Well, just like the airline safety videos say in the oxygen mask video, Help yourself first.

The reason they say that is because you can’t help anyone else (child, spouse, parent, friend, etc) if you collapse from lack of oxygen. Exercise is exactly the same, you need to put yourself first for a while to get the time for exercise. And if you find it difficult to get the time for exercise because of all the other things you have to do, then think about how those others will manage, or not manage if you become ill from lack of exercise!

Get a Routine

You NEED to put your exercise needs into your regular routine. If you have a

Use your calendar - ANY calendar to block out time

Use your calendar – ANY calendar to block out time

calendar, block out a small amount of time each day or a larger amount of time 3 days a week for your exercise. Current recommendations are for 30 minutes exercise each day but it doesn’t all have to be done at once. Can you spare 10 minutes, three times a day? That adds up to your 30 minutes a day. If you are just starting out on exercise and cannot afford 30 minutes a day, then start off with just 10 minutes a day. After all, even 10 minutes is better than none at all, especially when done regularly. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym, or for a 10 mile hike. Exercise is just moving your body or putting a little more effort into it. There are some really easy peasy ways to add extra exercise into your daily routine.

Try these

Planning a family picnic at the local park? Take along a Frisbee, the bicycles and or a soccer ball. You can also play a game of tag or kickball in an open field. Fun activities are a great way to burn calories while spending time together and many times, they don’t cost a thing.

Try to cut down the amount you rest during your time in the gym. Many people have limited time, and you should try and rest less during the beginning of your workout when your muscles are less tired, and at the end you can rest more when they are fatigued.

Exercise at least once a day. Exercising decreases body fat and tones and strengthens muscles, therefore causing weight loss. Start off by doing strenuous exercise for about five minutes, then each day after, add a little more time, working your way up to 30 minutes. Once you are able to exercise for 30 minutes, try exercising for a longer period of time or more strenuously.

Start small. You may know that you need to set aside a good bit of time for exercise but feel you just can’t manage it. If so, start small. Build in 10 minutes of planned exercise a day. Work at it regularly to develop the habit, then add to that, a little at a time. Also, build exercise into your ordinary daily life, by making yourself walk a little further or do a bit more exercise to get where you want to go. It ALL adds up.

Getting Started on Fitness

exercise can be fun

Dog enjoying fun as exercise


Getting started on exercise can be hard. “I don’t know how”, “I don’t have time”, “I can’t afford it”. None of these excuses is true. That’s all they are – excuses! We all know we need to get a certain amount of exercise. That’s a no-brainer. It screams at us from web sites, posters and magazine articles. And we know we “ought” to do it. After all, our families need us and they need us to be healthy.

Attacking the Excuses

Getting exercise

Walking on the beach

Think how much more pleasant life is when you’re fit and can do things for yourself, instead of being dependent on others unnecessarily.Let’s attack the “I don’t know how” first. If you can walk, you already know how you can get fit – walk more. Walking is a great exercise and also low impact. What about the “I don’t have time”. Can you find 10 minutes to surf the net, watch TV or read the back of a sauce bottle? That 10 minutes can be used to help you get fit. The latest recommendations are for 30 minutes exercise a day – that’s just 3 sessions of 10 minutes. If you can’t fit in 3 sessions, start off with just one 10 minute session. Every little helps. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. And finally, “I can’t afford it”. Want to do some weights? Use a can of food in each hand. You can do bicep curls and shoulder presses with those. Even boxers do some exercises without any equipment at all – and look at how fit they are. Here are some other suggestions to knock those “don’t know how”, “no time”, and “can’t afford it” excuses on the head.

Easy exercises


If your home or office has stairs, use them, or use them more often. Give yourself a

Exercise classes can help

Taking an exercise class

reward every time you climb the stairs. It can be a tick on a chart, with a penny for each tick at the end of the week. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator when travelling. Use the upstairs bathroom instead of the ground floor cloakroom when you “need to go”. Just climbing the stairs a few extra times a day will help improve your fitness very quickly.

Park Further Away

When driving, park your car further away from where you’re going. At the mall or supermarket you usually get a trolley to cart your goods, so it isn’t as if you have to carry really heavy stuff. Park further away from your office and walk in. In many towns, the outer car parks are cheaper than ones in the centre of town. You could save money too.

Move a bit More

If your job is office based, try and make sure you get up and down more often. Talk to colleagues instead of sending emails. Go fetch your paper and office needs instead of getting someone else to fetch them. Walk to the bathroom more often.

Starting out on fitness improvement is not difficult – it just takes the decision to get started. Don’t worry that you’re not doing as much as someone else, just get started and build it up gradually.

Developing your own Fitness Routine

Starting out to get fit can seem a bit daunting at first. There are lots of things to think about, and so many ways to do them. Try these tips.

  • Write down your fitness goals, eg, run half a mile, climb the stairs without panting, cycle one mile, walk to the shops;
  • Think about which different ways you could use to reach them, such as walking, swimming, going to the gym, cycling, getting an exercise video;
  • Write down when you will be able to work out, eg 5 days a week, 3 days a week, every morning / evening;
  • Once you have a week’s or  month’s worth of activities you would like, diarise them in your calendar and stick to them;
  • Update your goals by crossing off what you have done. It really helps to see just how far you have come;
  • Get a buddy to work out with you and cheer you on – you will do the same for them. Having support can really help in the beginning, especially when you feel like giving up.
Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness (Photo credit: Justin Liew)

Why Motivation?

Always in Trouble!

I have been interested in motivation all of my life, right from the time I was in primary (elementary) school. Why? Because I was always in trouble for not getting my work done,  or for daydreaming and not listening or for not being able to do the lesson because I had not been listening. I also felt guilty for procrastinating about chores or homework. I kept getting reminded to get things done but never got started on them. Probably the “reminding” was what kept me from getting started because the reminder usually came about the time I was going to start anyway and that rebellious streak hated to be told what to do.

I Preferred To …

… read a book
… play outside
… watch TV
even though my pleasure in those was spoiled because I knew the work would still need to be done later.

Over The Years ….

I have learned:

(1) Most jobs took much less time to do than I imagined and I spent more time moaning and feeling guilty than it would have taken to just do it. Nowadays, I tell myself to stop whining and just do it.

(2) You don’t actually have to “feel” motivated to do the job, you can do it without feeling motivated. That includes getting the dishes done, vacuuming the floor and leaving out the trash. I am never motivated to do them but I bribe myself using motivation charts. I get a tick for each job completed and the ticks add up to a small cash payout. I feel very happy when I have “earned” a big amount in my rewards jar.

Three Ways In Which Meditation Can Improve Your Performance

Is Your Life becoming More Frantic?

The world seems to be more competitive with every sun that sets. It has become harder to succeed financially and in other spheres of life without putting in more and more effort in whatever you do. But there is a limit! Everyone will break down at some point if there is too much pressure and many people are looking to techniques like meditation that help relieve stress and improve focus, so that they can notch up their performance. Below are three ways in which meditation can help you achieve a better quality of life while improving your performance at work.


The basic fundamentals of meditation entail achieving a state of self-awareness and peace of mind. You are taught by starting not to think of anything but just concentrate on the rhythm of your breath. Consequently, you will learn how to focus all your energies on a task at hand. Some gurus even assert that it is possible to meditate while working and there are such meditations as a walking meditation. If you can focus your thought to a single task at a time, you will achieve better results, complete tasks in less time and live a happier life noting that it is unlikely to be stricken by stress when your mind is focused on a task.

Increase your creativity

It appears that people who meditate are more creative than those who are yet to discover this free recipe for success. If you take some time alone and allow your being to achieve a state of relaxation, the mind will automatically begin working more efficiently. The right side of the brain which is responsible for generating new ideas will especially benefit more from meditation. Whether you are sports person, an innovative genius or an entrepreneur, you can be sure of being awed by how far your capabilities extend when you begin meditating.

Rejuvenate your energies

Meditation is an effective technique which has been used for many years by people who needed to rejuvenate their energies. Some people’s performances deteriorate because they have depleted their energies and now experience low motivation after having remained devoted to their work for so long. Before you begin conditioning your mind to believe that the only way through which you can escape your exhaustion is by taking a vacation, start dedicating some of your free time to meditation and see how relieved you will feel after every session.

Not As Easy As It May Sound

Lastly, note that meditation is not as easy it sounds. Most people will need guidance before they can start meditating on their own.

Five Ways To Improve Your Focus

Listen to Music

One way of improving your focus is by constantly listening to music. This means really listening and getting to learn and understand the words in the music. This helps to clear your mind by making you focus on only one thing and so helps calm your mind and freshen it by removing those blocks that limit your concentration and focus.


Meditation helps with improving focus and concentration. Some people spend at least one hour a day meditating but starting out with even 10 or 15 minutes can be very beneficial. One way of improving your meditation is through focusing on your breathing. By focusing on the air you breath, the way it touches your nostrils and how it enters your throat and leaves helps in calming your system. This can provide a sense of peace and contentment and helps in improving your focus.

Set Small Achievable Realistic Goals

Setting huge, unrealistic goals can be very frustrating and can mean losing focus. One way of improving focus is to set goals which are smart (simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound). This helps in reducing pressure and a lot of the frustrations that build when goals seem to be forever out of reach. Stress and pressure can make you lose concentration. It is better to set goals which can be achieved in maybe a week or a month and which will ultimately lead to your long term goals.


Studies have shown that regular exercise can calm the  mind and improve focus. Exercises such as swimming, going to the gym dancing, gardening, etc help you lay off mental burdens and pressures. Exercise also relaxes the mind and improves concentration and focus. Also one can improve focus by frequently exercising the mind by for example filling crossword puzzles, engaging in social quizzes or puzzling out sudoku games etc this helps in making sure your mind is not idle.

Wear light clothes when you can

Wearing light and loose clothes also helps improve your focus. This is because there is sufficient ventilation in your body and free air can easily flow in and out. This helps in keeping your mind fresh and constantly in focus.

Powerful Secrets For Becoming More Positive

Pessimists and Negative Thinking

Are you are negative thinker? Do you always feel the worst is going to happen? Do you always think the worst of every situation and that if something goes wrong it is always your fault?

Constant negative thinking can lead to depression and anxiety. It can also lead to sleeplessness if you constantly replay negative scenarios over in your head.

We all have positive and negative thoughts and being a pessimist can have some benefits, because that negative side of you can work out possible problems in any project with which you are involved and take steps to overcome them. Being a constant ray of sunshine can also be irritating to some others. But constant negativity is extremely draining and tiring, as you will always consider yourself a failure, no matter how well you do.

Both positive and negative thoughts can be creative and lead to progress and improvements, and our experiences and environment result from our predominant thoughts.

We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.” (Anais Nin)

That is, if you see everything through negative glasses, then the world will always seem harsh and cruel to you, whereas if you view it through positive glasses, then it will appear fair and welcoming.

Learning Experience

Negative occurrences can be used as learning experiences. What happens to you is not always someone else’s fault (though of course it can be) so learn to take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions and stop blaming other people for what you are going through. The following tips will help you to be more positive.

Avoid Negative Influences

Much like dieters need to stay out of the kitchen, you should stay away from anybody who is likely to influence you negatively. Be it a close friend or a family member, stay away from them. Take your time and choose your friends wisely because they will have a serious impact on your behavior. Sometimes, a particular person can be so toxic to your well-being that you have to seriously consider whether you should cut them out of your life entirely. This can be an extremely difficult decision but may be necessary in some cases for your own health. Furthermore, do what you are comfortable with. If you feel bad, concerned or guilty because of doing something, you better not do it.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

Try to view every situation from a brighter side. If you do this long enough, it will become your habit and this will eventually improve your positive thinking. Everything can be framed positively. Instead of saying a half glass of water is half empty, view it as half full. Even when you fail to achieve what you wanted, at least you have gained certain experiences that will make you better. Every situation has both negative and positive aspects. So, it is up to you to choose where to focus your thoughts.


A positive attitude goes hand in hand with happiness. Even when things are not going as planned, at least smile to lift your mood. Do not worry so much til you cannot afford a simple smile. Share your positive experience with others and this will boost your moods. Making yourself smile can actually help to improve your mood, in some way, the effect of moving those facial muscles into a smile boosts your emotional mood to become more positive.

Surround yourself with positive activities

Your daily activities also determine how positive you can be. All activities you get involved in each day should occupy your day in a very positive way. For instance, your entertainment should be positive. Do only those things you love doing. If it is watching movies, listening to music or engaging in sports activities, do it with passion, and this will boost positive thinking.

Admit that there are problems.

You will be surprised that some people do not even identify and admit that there are problems affecting them, in fact, they will often deny there is a problem and stay firmly tucked in their comfort zone. By identifying your problem, you will find possible solutions and this will help you become positive.

Ask for feedback.

Try to know what you are by asking your close friends or family members. You can as well involve experts to assess your behavior and give you feedback. Feedback will give you various perspectives from which you can decide on an appropriate course of action.

3 Perseverance Tips


If you want to persevere, you do not have to do much. All you need to do is keep on going until you make it to the very end. Of course, there will be obstacles that may prevent you from meeting your goals and relishing the journey, but you can overcome them and keep moving on by following the tips below.

1. Solidify Your Resolve

You should start by figuring out a specific goal. Once you have determined your specific goal, you should formulate a plan with steps that you will need to take in a certain amount of time in order to reach your desired goal. You will have to develop mental strength, and put in effort and time if you want to reach your goal.

If you are suffering from self-doubt and do not feel self-confident, you will need to change that. You need to believe that you can persevere if you really want to make progress. Even if your goals may seem unobtainable, you need to believe that you can overcome life’s hurdles.

Small yet stressful incidents are a part of life, so you should not waste your energy by getting hung up on them. If you want to persevere, you will need to let go of such petty things.

2. Deal With Life’s Challenges

Life is full of challenges and obstacles, you need to stare them in the face and figure out a way to get through them or overcome them. Make sure you stick to the path that will lead you towards your goal, rather than making excuses or placing blame. There are many ways in which you can temporarily elude a problem, but it is never a permanent solution and should be avoided.

You should use your conscience to guide you when making decisions and even then, you should make decisions carefully and reasonably, after you have weighed your options. Examining an issue that you have encountered from every angle will help you in taking the right action to handle it.

On your way to reaching your goals, you will definitely make mistakes. Instead of feeling discouraged, you should gain wisdom from your mistakes and learn from them. Failures are a part of the process and failing simply means that you need to correct and improve your plan to reach your goal successfully.

3. Stay Strong

A clouded mind and an unhealthy body can prove to be the biggest hurdle on your path to reaching your goal. Being physically healthy is also an important part of achieving perseverance. More than often, you will find it harder to get closer to your goal on your own, which is only natural, and means that you need connect with people who can provide support.

Along with being mentally and physically strong, you also need to be spiritually strong too. On your path to reaching your goal, you may end up feeling as if you have no purpose and at a point like this, some spirituality can prove to be quite helpful.

Above all, persevering depends on staying true to yourself and your values, which means you should act accordingly. Change something about your life only if you feel that it is wrong and continue making corrections until you have reached your goal.


As mentioned, you need to keep moving forward in order to persevere, and hopefully the above tips will help you keep moving until you have truly persevered and reached your goal or goals.

Goal Setting Create Achieve Worksmart


We nearly all want to change ourselves, usually by trying to develop better habits, like tidying after ourselves, writing more, eating less, etc. It is not always easy. Changing those habits can be hard, it moves us out of our comfort zone to somewhere we can feel VERY uncomfortable. But there are creative ways to help yourself stick to your chosen goals to make them part of your life.


One way to help stay focused on your goal is to anticipate what MIGHT happen. Look forward and work out what might derail your progress. We often plan for change but we never actually try and see what actually might interrupt out plans. If you think about these, you may be able to include them in your plan in a way that helps you stick to your goals.

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Keep to the Path

Stick to your chosen path or if necessary find a new suitable path if an obstacle appears. Obstacles can derail you from your chosen path but if you keep your path in mind or find another suitable one if that is blocked can mean you keep your eye on the game and focus on what you want to achieve.


Learn from any setbacks instead of giving up on the goal. If you fall, get up and carry on, you do not need to stop because of one fall or even several. Ask yourself what made you fall? What lessons can you learn? And how do you stop that type of fall in future?


Keeping focus when the going gets tough is what actually makes moving towards the goal worthwhile. By the time you achieve your goal, you will have grown as a person.

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Wake Up Successful Increase Achieve

Successful Traits

Success is something that everyone wishes to attain. However, attaining success is not easy. If it was, everyone who wanted it would have it. The most successful people in the world started at the bottom and worked their way to the top. Here are the 3 traits that successful people show that you NEED to copy!

Work Hard

Successful people know that they cannot get anywhere in life without hard work. They are guided by the basic science of life, which states that your output depends largely on your input. They depend on their ambition and skills to get them where they desire to be in life. They do not depend on luck.
In addition, successful people make sacrifices to get to their desired position. They don’t complain about how hard they work because they know it will pay off in the end. They are always focused and nothing can stop them from working towards their dream.

Be Curious and Eager To Learn

Most people prefer to stay in their warm and cozy comfort zone and they don’t like to explore and learn new things. However, successful people are curious and always willing to learn. They are open-minded and always learning something new. They constantly ask questions with the hope of finding out more information.
They are aware that knowledge is a backbone to success. Therefore, they take advantage of it and apply what they learn in their lives. Successful people always want to learn about everything that they are curious about. If you have lost your curiosity, it’s time to change. Be open-minded and you’ll be on your way to success.

Never Quit

In the world today, most people walk away from things they find too hard. However, successful people don’t do that. They love challenges. They face their challenges and work hard until they overcome them. Successful people would rather die than quit at a challenge they are facing. They have passion for what they do.
Their main goal is to be on top and be the best at whatever they do because that is where their passion and ambition lies. If you have been quitting when faced with challenges, it’s time to change. Face your challenges and work hard to overcome them. That way, you’ll find yourself joining the list of successful people. Quitters never win.

There you have it. The 3 traits of successful people that you need to copy. Emulate them and you’ll see a difference in your life. You can also share them with your friends. As they say, sharing is caring.

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Goal Setting Achieve Personal Productivity

Personal Productivity

Being productive has been a big issue for many people who need to improve their daily performance. However, with proper planning you will always know what to do whenever you need to improve your performance. Here is an expert guide on how to plan your day for productivity:

Have a personal system

For you to be productive during the day, you must have a personal system that works well for you whenever you need to improve your personal performance. How do you create a personal system? You should know your strengths and weaknesses when planning your day especially when you need to get more out of it in the best way possible.

When you plan your day well, you will be in a position to work effectively and arrange any given tasks throughout the day. Breaking up your day into time slots will allow you to segment your tasks throughout the day and separate them. This is an effective tactic that will allow your brain to switch off between tasks, meaning you can focus more on each job.

Focus on what to do to eliminate distractions

When you need to improve personal performance and activity during the day, you must eliminate distractions as one way of ensuring that you stay active for the whole day. Through this process, you can ensure that you are constantly on task and putting maximum effort into the task. You should never worry about distractions when you need to have the best performance during the day. For instance, you should avoid checking your emails when you do not need to do so and discourage interruptions as much as possible. As one cartoonist put it when asked if he could spare one minute to talk, “I can spare the one minute but not the 15 it will then take me to get back into the flow of my work!”

Manage your mood

Research has shown that many people often fail to succeed because of their inability to manage their moods during the day. You have to ensure that you become positive whenever you need to manage your mood in an amazing way. When you stay positive, you will always be able to do more things that ultimately lead to success at the end of the day. Don’t allow others to affect your mood, if at all possible. For instance, if someone pushes their way in front of you in a queue of cars during your morning commute, you need to forget about that once in work, otherwise you are allowing someone else to determine your mood.

Focus on quality work during the day

When you need to plan your day and become more productive, you must focus on quality work. Everything that you do should be of a higher standard.

In conclusion, the above information should help you understand on how to plan your day and become more productive.

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